30 Things That You Must Do If You Ever Visit Sri Lanka.

We have listed down 30 Things That You Must Do If You Ever Visit Sri Lanka.  It is because of a good itinerary should include sights, activities and few excursions on the off the beaten track.

1. Take a Tuktuk ride around the Kandy Lake – Kandy lake is the centre of the  the town and you can leisurely stroll around on a Tuk-Tuk by the lake, with few stops on the lakeside which is a pleasant way to spend a few hours. One of the Highlights of the city, Temple of the Tooth Relic is in the banks of the lake. It’s wiser to do your excursion during off-peak hours to avoid hectic crowds and traffic jams.

2. Eat Kothu and Drink king coconut – Kothu is one of the favourite dishes in Sri Lanka which is made from roti mixed with vegetables, egg, meat, cheese and spices. Hotel de Fayaz, Pilawoos, Hotel De Plaza and Commons Coffee House are the few of the best places to have great kothu. The King coconut/Thembili is native to Sri Lanka which is little bit sweeter than regular coconuts

3. Watch sunrise at Siripada/Adam’s Peak – Well worth the tough climb because of the breathtaking views when you get to the top. It must be the closest place on earth to heaven when the sunrises.

4. Whale watching in Mirissa – Mirissa is the best place in the world to spot  blue whales which are the largest animal on Earth .

5.Visit polonnaruwa Ancient city – Polonnaruwa is a World Heritage Site where you can witness the amazing artistry in carving the buddha statues on Rock. Gal Vihara, Sandakada pahana, Thuparama, Nissanka Latha Mandapaya and Kiri Vihara are the top 5 places to visit in Polonnaruwa.

6. Cycle ride by the Gregory Lake – You must put on a sweater or a jacket before stroll around due to cold and windy weather.

7.Eat isso wade and go on a evening walk at Galle Face – This place has the best street food. Best time for a walk would be either in the early morning or in the evening.

8. See the sri lankan leopard at Yala National Park – Yala national park has the highest leopard densities in the world.

9.Snorkeling in Hikkaduwa or Trincomalee – Many Tourists come to see the famous “coral gardens” of Hikkaduwe on a glass bottom boat. However the reef beach is the best for snorkeling in hikkaduwa.

In trincomalee, first you will be given a closed water session in the pool after explaining the gear, methods and communications skills required for basic diving. Thereafter it’s time for your snorkeling  session at Pigeon Island.

10. White water rafting in Kitulgala – White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka is amazing fun. Kitulgala is the island’s premier whitewater rafting destination is Kitulgala. It has a grade two and three rapids some 5km upriver from the village. White Water Rafting takes place on the waters of picturesque Kelani River. Safety instruction will be given beforehand. 5 KM session awaits for those brave enough.

11.Climb Sigiriya rock and see the frescos – Sigiriya the 8th wonder of the world.

12. Feed a baby elephant, give a bath and take a elephant bank ride in Pinnawala

13. Try sea food(Galle Face) or crab meal(Ministry of Crab)

14. Take a train ride to ELLA on the observation deck – One of the most scenic train rides in the world

15. See one of the largest elephant gathering in the world at Minneriya National park.

16. Witness the kandyan dance show – Best way to witness Sri lankan Traditional dances.

17. Pluck tea at a Tea Estate, prepare it and drink

18.Visit a dilmah Tea lounge and have a Tea Premium Tea Experience

19. Drink raa(Toddy) – Raa is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of coconut palms.

20. Take a village Tour – Best way to understand and experience real local family life of Sri Lanka. Some village tours inclusive of Bullock Cart Ride, meet with a farmer, having local lunch,  taking a boat ride, see toddy tapping and finally a Tuk-Tuk ride. See – Hiriwadunna Village Tour

21. See a waterfall – The Island is home for hundreds of waterfalls and mostly starts from the hill country and spread out towards the indian ocean while enriching the waters of rivers and lakes. Top 10 Best Sri Lanka’s Waterfalls List consists of Bambarakanda, Diyaluma Ella, Bopath Ella, Devon, Ravana Falls, Dunhinda, St Claire’s fall, Ramboda Falls, Bakers fall and the Hunnas falls.

22. Mangrove tour on madu river – Madu Ganga river is mother natures fascinating creation of mangroves and islands located near Balapitiya. It has monumental significe when considering the wide range of high bio-diversity. 70 species of fish, 31 types of reptiles, and 50 kinds of butterflies can be spotted.

A boat trip is the best way to get around and seeing some of the plants and animals. On the tour, You can als have a visit to an island with a Buddhist monastery, where you can witness a 150-year-old book made of palm leaves.

23. Surfing in Arugambay – Arugam Bay is undoubtedly the surfers paradise and it has unspoilt coastline and one of the long stretched beaches in the words.

24. See Stilt fisherman – Stilt Fishing is an old tradition practiced by some of the fisherman in south coast of Sri Lanka. Most of them can be spotted on the coastline near Koggala, Kathaluwa, and Ahangama in the early morning(5.00 to 9.00AM) and early evening (1700 to 1830)

25. Trekking at sinharaja Rain forest – Most interesting Phenomenon is that within a few decades no larger spread of tropical rainforests will ever exist than Sinharaja Rain Forest. Sinharaja is also a home for over 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as of insects and reptiles.

26. Have a drink on the Sky lounge at Kingsbury – Great place to have a cocktail while enjoying the Sunset  and colombo city views.

27. See the corals in Hikkaduwa –  You can either dive or hire a glass bottomed boat to see corals. It’s a colorful world beneath where you can swim with tropical fishes.

28. Release baby hatchlings at kosgoda turtle sanctuary – Project buys back the eggs from the people who steal and selling them for food. You can release some baby turtles and watch them scuttle back into the sea.

29. Hiking in Knuckles Range – If you prefer something off the main tourist trail, knuckles is the place for you. Definitely worth a visit if you are in kandy/matale, and knuckles can be given as the best alternative for the Hill Country on your itinerary. Once you hike to the top you will be astounded by the beauty of the mountain range. Usually hike is about 5 hour hike and must be accompanied with one of the local park rangers. It’s highly advisable to taking leech socks just in case.

30. See the lipton seat or Ella gap 


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